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This book is not a narrative of the settlement of Elgin, nor of the growth and decline of its dairy and watch industries, nor of its more recent development as a service center. Rather it is a selection of vignettes, revised and in several cases expanded, which were published in the"Days Gone By" column of the Daily Courier-News beginning in 1981.

These little stories from Elgin's past may illustrate some universals in the human comedy and be of interest to readers beyond our city's boundaries as well as those within. "I have seen much of the world without leaving Concord," wrote that odd American, Henry Thoreau, about his town.

One again the author is indebted to the staff of the Gail Borden Library, where I have long encamped; to Viola Swanson, who has always been generous in sharing information; and to the reporters on Elgin newspapers over the years. These include, but are not limited to, Charles E. Gregory, Gene Rogers, Preston Comstock, Merrill 0. Calame, Edwin (Gun) Clifford, Kendall White, and Ed (Sparky) Joyce.

A special word of appreciation is due Carol Thompson, a friend and colleague, whose good judgment and experience as a teacher of English proved invaluable in editing the manuscript. Any errors that remain are those of the author.